Tips for Camping with Dogs

Tips for Camping with Dogs

Camping is much more enjoyable when shared with a companion. Taking your dog on a camping vacation helps you connect with your dog. Still, it also provides them with a whole different viewpoint, with new smells and new spaces to explore – particularly if you live in a city or region with few natural areas. Here are some tips for camping with dogs for keeping your vacation safe and pet-friendly.

Locate a Pet-Friendly Campground

This one is quite significant. After all, you do not want to bring your dog to a park or camping where they are not permitted. Not only are you risking a costly fee and having your vacation cut short, but there are often legitimate reasons why dogs are not permitted. The good news is that several pet-friendly campsites are available, including some located inside designated national parks. Therefore, before choosing a spot, do research on the campground to ensure it is officially pet-friendly. Convenient websites such as make locating pet-friendly establishments a breeze – many sites also have additional helpful tips for camping with dogs. Bayou Oaks RV Park in Louisiana is pet friendly with no additional pet fee and has a dog park where your fur baby can run off some energy and stretch their legs.

Overpack the Necessary

Anticipate the unexpected. This is an excellent guideline to follow on any camping trip, dog or no dog. When traveling with your dog, it’s always prudent to include some extra water, food, medication (if necessary), and anything else necessary for your dog’s health and well-being – just in case. Water is critical to keeping your pet hydrated. While it’s enjoyable to let them drink from local streams or lakes, bringing your water is safer and reduces the possibility of germs spoiling your vacation.

Should I Lease or Should I Not Leash?

That is a question you may be asking yourself if you are considering taking your dog camping. A few questions might help you make an informed decision about whether or not to bring your dog along on your camping trip. Will your dog always come when you call? Are they hostile to other dogs or people? Depending on where you camp, there may be a large wilderness area nearby where your dog might get gravely lost or hurt. That is why, wherever possible, we suggest using a leash in a new, unknown environment. Additionally, ensure that your dog’s tags have the most up-to-date information, including your mobile phone number, so that you can be reached while at the campground.

Consider Your Pup’s Interests When Planning Activities

Never leave a dog alone at camp; in fact, having a canine companion is always a welcome perk. Therefore, make an effort to organize activities that incorporate your furry buddy and are compatible with their characteristics. If your dog wants to laze about camp and smell the flowers, plan a relaxing day of reading, painting, or occasional sleeping. Are they a ball of energy yearning to bound in and out of the forest trees indefinitely? Why not seek out a huge field and engage in the ultimate game of fetch? If your dog is a natural water bug, locate a safe body of water and spend the day swimming; alternatively, put it in our dog flotation device and take it out on one of our Kayaks or Stand-Up Paddleboards to explore the coastline. Whatever you select, the key to a successful outdoor fun and discovery day is choosing the perfect setting and activities for both dog and person.

Bring a Larger Tent with You

This may not be an issue for owners of little dogs, but for those with medium or larger dogs, it’s a good idea to bring along a decent-sized shelter to prevent the sensation of being in a genuine pup tent. Choosing a large enough tent to accommodate you, your dog, and anybody else on your vacation may significantly improve the quality of your camping experience. Like our Acadia tent, certain tents even have dog vestibules to ensure that everyone has their place.

Create a Supply List for Your Dog!

When organizing a camping vacation, it’s usually a good idea to create a list of necessary items. Likewise, this is true for your dog. Pet first aid kits are a must-have, even more so if you’ll be camping in remote areas. Even if you are surrounded by nature, picking up after your dog is expected, so be sure to provide doggy waste bags and leave no trace. There’s always space for a few dog toys — whether it’s a frisbee and tennis balls or their favorite chew toy to help them feel at ease while away from home, you’ll be pleased you have them on hand. Additionally, do not forget the snacks! Not only do you want to continue praising your excellent dog when they listen (or simply look extremely gorgeous), but having goodies on hand might be critical if you need an incentive for them to return.

Protect Your Canine Companion!

Before taking your dog into the outdoors, ensure they are current on treatments such as tick prevention. And, since bugs are just as irritating for dogs, you may want to investigate bug shelters and screen houses that will allow you and your best friend to enjoy the night air without being tormented by biting insects.

Take a Paws – And Take the Time to Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Your relationship with your dog is unique. Having the chance to spend time outdoors and participate in an adventure together will strengthen your bond. Don’t waste any of the time you spend with them, since they will be appreciative of your efforts.

Bayou Oaks RV Park is pet-friendly, with no additional pet fee, and a fenced-in dog park, so your beloved pets are welcome! Learn more about our amenities here. We hope these tips for camping with dogs help you and if you have any other suggestions, share them in the comments!