8 Advantages of RV Travel

8 Advantages of RV Travel

RV travel is catching the American imagination as never before. A new generation of RVers enjoys the open road, driving independence, and exploring the country’s many national parks and picturesque routes. We’ll examine why RV trips are so popular with these 8 advantages to RV Travel.

But first, a frequently asked question: Do you need RV travel insurance? Travel insurance is usually a smart idea, but you should know its cover. Benefits for trip cancellation/interruption: If you have to cancel or shorten your vacation for a covered cause, they may pay you for non-refundable travel expenditures, including RV rental and campsite fees.

Look for a low-cost domestic travel insurance package covering a maximum trip duration.

1) Cheaper RV travel.

Cheap travel attracts many first-time RVers: no motels, no flights, and few restaurant meals. However, you must pay for petrol, insurance, RV park fees, and the RV itself.

An RV rental begins at roughly $55 for a trailer and goes up to $125 for a bigger motorhome.

Check out RVShare, an online RV rental marketplace. A luxurious 45-foot RV maybe $500 per day, including fees, while an older Winnebago might be around $100.

Full-service RV parks typically charge around $50 for an overnight stay, with higher rates in high-demand areas. Still, an RV park is a terrific option when hotels are expensive. Camp Gulf is located on the beach of picturesque Miramar Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Enjoy beachside restaurants, pool cabanas, and watersports at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina.

2) RV travel offers ultimate freedom.

RV travel is an excellent option for vacation flexibility. It gives unlimited independence and a nice break from schedules. Change direction at will, and linger if you like what you see. Check your travel insurance policy’s maximum trip duration to avoid losing coverage.

Many RV parks like Bayou Oaks RV Park, offer long-term or extended-stay discounts, so staying longer might save you money. Get a full-hookup site with water, power, and sewer.

3) You can bring whatever you need.

A book stack. Coffee cup of choice. Games (board and video). A snack cabinet full. Traveling by RV lets you bring the comforts of home with you, which is great for those who struggle to pack for flights.

Remember that overcrowding your RV might be a safety problem. Every RV has a load capacity labeled inside a cupboard or closet. The load-carrying capacity is the maximum weight that your RV can safely transport. Exceeding capacity may damage brakes, axles, and tires, resulting in accidents.

4) It’s a rare opportunity to interact with nature.

It’s nice to fall asleep to the sound of crickets and owls, but tent camping may seem a touch too wild (not to mention waking up with a sore back). RVing allows you to enjoy the outdoors while sleeping comfortably.

If RV parks are too crowded, consider boondocking: unhooked RV camping. Remember the rules: Get permission to park your RV there, and leave it as you found it. Get a cheap membership to Harvest Hosts, a network of over 1,100 farms, orchards, ranches, and vineyards that let RVs stay free.

5) Your loved ones, including pets, will be closer.

Families love RV travel. Campgrounds are meant to enable youngsters to roam freely and have fun while saving money on meals and hotel accommodations. Typical KOA camping amenities include swimming pools, volleyball courts, and bonfire pits.

Instead of boarding dogs, RV travel enables you to bring them along. But don’t expect every dog (or cat) to enjoy it straight immediately. When parked, let your pet explore the RV at their speed. Take little excursions before embarking on a week-long journey. Also, unless you’ve taken precautions to keep your pet safe, never leave them in the RV unattended.

6) RVing is great for social isolation

RVing is an enticing alternative to flying or taking a cruise when individuals want to escape crowds. It’s self-contained, so no public bathrooms are required. Make your bed and dine in your kitchen.

Keeping the RV clean will be your duty, which may be difficult when numerous people (and dogs) share a limited area. Use the correct cleaning chemicals to disinfect without scratching. Sanitizing the holding tanks is unpleasant but necessary to keep everyone safe and prevent smells. See this guide on RV cleaning for a better idea.

7) A simple lifestyle is possible.

Maybe you, like us, read Marie Kondo’s book on decluttering but never quite managed to let go of unused items. RVing forces you to prioritize and let go of the rest. During your journey, you may discover that the memories you create are much more significant than the things you own.

8) RVing puts you in control.

How do you feel about conventional ways of travel? An RV trip is ideal for those who dread lengthy airport waits, crowded trains, coughing people, and screaming infants. Sure, there are rare traffic jams, but you are in charge most of the time.

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